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The Mummy MOT®

The Mummy MOT®  

The post natal period (the 4th trimester) can be a challenging time for mothers. Your body has gone through huge physiological changes over the last 9 months followed by your delivery of either a vaginal or cesarian section. The period of recovery after delivering a baby can sometimes take longer than you initially expect and you may be experiencing symptoms that you didn't have before pregnancy.


Jenifer is very experienced in caring for women following childbirth.  She understands the physical and emotional changes that women go through and experience in the first year of motherhood having been through it herself.


The Mummy MOT is a 1 hour assessment that includes assessment of your posture, pelvic floor and abdominal muscles. As a Women's Health Physiotherapist Jenifer is able to complete the assessment and understands the changes that have happened to your body. 


Regardless of whether you are 8 weeks after childbirth or 8 years you can still have a Mummy MOT, and it is recommended for all women after having either a cesarian section or vaginal delivery.


After child birth most women have symptoms relating to their pelvic floor or abdominal muscles. Weakness in these areas can lead to instability and poor core strength resulting in back pain, pelvic pain or issues with bladder, bowel and sexual dysfunction.


If you are struggling with symptoms following your birth, reach out to Jenifer and don't suffer in silence. Symptoms related bladder, bowel and sexual dysfunction can impact your wellbeing in a negative way and when left can usually take a longer to correct.


Please contact us to discuss any of your concerns or to book an appointment.



Mummy MOT  |  Initial Assessment  |  £90 |

Mummy MOT Follow Up   | 60 mins  |  £80 |

Mummy MOT Follow Up  |  30 mins  |  £60 |



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