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Scar Therapy

Scar Therapy - C Section Recovery

If you have recently had abdominal surgery such as a Cesarean Section (also known as a C Section) or a hysterectomy, you might find that the scar feels uncomfortable. Common scar complaints after a c-section or hysterectomy can include redness, itchy, painful and raised.


Scar therapy techniques, massage and specialist equipment are used to assist the release of adhesions that can build up under and around the scar.  In addition to treating your scar, we work on correcting your breathing pattern, reconnecting with your core and encouraging optimal pelvic floor function with education and advice.


Your scar therapy appointment will include the following:

  •  An initial assessment for you to safely discuss the story of your scar and its impact, including posture, movement and assessment of your scar,

  • Abdominal separation check (diastasis recti),

  • Pelvic Floor assessment,

  • Use of specialist medical equipment (Lymphatouch),

  • Advice on C Section products, 

  • Scar rehabilitation plan,

  • Before and after photos to monitor your progress.


You can book in for your Scar Therapy assessment and treatment at 6 weeks following surgery. We would encourage you to start self massage around this time too, make sure you have no infection, stitches, staples or openings of the wound and are ready to touch and connect with your scar.


Initial Assessment and Treatment  | 60 mins | £90 |

Follow Up Treatment | 45 mins | £65 |

Close-up of a woman's belly with a cesarean section scar, five months after giving birth.
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